Solar Panels

Click here for real-time statistics.

Our 6th Grade science teacher, Lisa Hughes, received a grant from energy giant BP and used funds from that grant to purchase these PV modules and the inverter. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 531 used a Photovoltaic Systems class to install this system and solicited material donations from signatory contractors for the remainder of system components. The inverter and associated wiring for this system were designed for future expansion. Another 1.3 kW array can be added at some future time to the roof of the building adjacent to the current panel.  Real-time statistics can be viewed from within the school and from their website (See below).  Though the Solar Panel system (formally a Photovoltaic Array or “PVA”) does provide some measure of free energy to the school, its true power lies in the ability for the students to see first-hand the techniques and benefits of harnessing “Green” energy.

The PVA is actually the second grant Mrs. Hughes has secured for the science classes in recent times.  The first grant went towards the purchase and installation of a greenhouse just off the science lab.  (More on that effort will be posted soon)