Ordering Parish Wear

  1. CLICK HERE to go to the Land’s End website.

  2. Once you are at the Land’s End website, click on the SHOP BY SCHOOL button. I have highlighted it with red arrows in the screenshot below. This will take you to the Personal Shopping Account page.

shop by school.JPG

3. On the Personal Shopping Account Page, scroll down to “By School Number.” In the School Number box, type 900029653. Then click on the blue SEARCH BY NUMBER box.

4. Your search results will appear. It should read St. Patrick Catholic School with the school’s address and logo. Scroll down to Gender and select either Girl/Woman or Boy/Man. In the Grade/Status box, select Parish Wear. It is at the bottom of the box. DO NOT select any option other than Parish Wear or you will get a school uniform. Then click on the blue SAVE SCHOOL button.

5. If do not already have a Land’s End account, then please create one. Under the sign-in boxes, there is a link that says “Don’t have a Land’s End account? Create one.” Click on “Create one,” then follow the directions to create an account.

6. Once you have either signed in or created an account, you will see a School Uniforms page with My Students listed under it. If you do not see this, then look under My Account and click School Uniforms.

7. You will be given the option to order for CHILD 1 - PARISH WEAR, select this option. (Child is the school uniform default, but you can order the full range of adult sizes.) You will then see all the items available with the Parish Wear logo. If you are ordering for an adult, then select the Adult button under Age Range. If you are on a tablet or cell phone, you may have to click on the Filter & Sort button to see the Age Range options.

8. Once you have selected the Parish Wear that you want, complete the ordering process to pay for your order. Enjoy your new St. Patrick Catholic Community Parish Wear!