Parish Library

The Parish library contents are available in the Parish office and can be accessed any time the office is open.

Title Author Spine Label
100 Christian women who changed the twentieth century Hosier, Helen Kooiman HOSI
A prayer primer for Catholic families Anderson, Christopher ANDE-C
A reason to live! A reason to die! Powell, John Joseph POWE
A teacher’s prayerbook : to know and love your students Farry, Ginger FARR
Adult confession : conversion in process Cowgill, Carol COWG
All things work for good : a book of encouragement for people with cancer, their family and friends Sinclair, Gavin SINC
All you who labor : work and the sanctification of daily life Wyszynski, Stefan WYSZ
Angels in high-top sneakers and other stories to stir the soul Morrell, Mary MORR
Angels of God, our guardians dear : today’s Catholics rediscover angels Drahos, Mary DRAH
Angels we have heard on high Anderson, Joan Wester ANDE
Art of natural family planning Kippley, John F. KIPP
Being in love : the practice of Christian prayer Johnston, William JOHN-W
Blessed are you : beatitudes for modern man Murphy, Charles MURP
Blessed sacrament and the Mass Thomas, Aquinas, Saint THOM
Catechism of the "Summa Theologica" of Saint Thomas Aquinas Pegues, Thomas PEGU
Catholic alcoholic Barkley, Roy BARK
Catholic household blessings & prayers National Conference of Catholic Bishops NCCB
Catholic tradition : before and after Vatican II, 1878-1993 McCarthy, Timothy G. McCA
Chalkdust : prayer meditations of a teacher Murphy, Elsbeth Campbell MURP
Child shall lead them : lessons in hope from children with cancer Komp, Diane M KOMP
Christmas angels all year round CHRI
Christmas miracles : magical true stories of modern-day miracles Miller, Jamie C. CHRI
Consciousness of Christ Most, William G. (William George) MOST
Counting stars : inspiring devotionals for families Coleman, William L. COLE
Creed : the apostolic faith in contemporary theology Marthaler, Berard MART
Crossing the threshold of hope John Paul II, Pope JOHN P II
Daily life in the time of Jesus Daniel-Rops, Henri DANI
Faith explained Trese, Leo J. TRES
Focus on the gospel of Matthew : 12 studies for indiidual and community enrichment Donahoe, Carol Cheney DONA
Forbidden grief : the unspoken pain of abortion Burke, Theresa Karminski BURK
Francis book Gasnick, Roy M GASN
Frequent confession : its place in the spiritual life Baur, Benedikt BAUR
Gift of peace :personal reflections Bernardin, Joseph Louis BERN-J
God and children Urteaga Loidi, Jesus URTE
God in popular culture Greeley, Andrew GREE
Godparent book Ramshaw, Elaine RAMS
Guide to monastic guest houses Regalbuto, Robert J REGA
Handbook on Prayer Steffen, Donna STEF
Hidden Pope : the untold story of a lifelong friendship that is changing the relationship between Catholics and Jews : the personal journey of John Paul II and Jerzy Kluger O’Brien, Darcy OBRI
His Holiness : John Paul II and the hidden historyof our time Bernstein, Carl BERN-C
Holy hilarity : a book of inspirational humor and cartoons Samra, Cal and Rose SAMR
Holy man : Father Damien of Molokai Daws, Gavan DAWS
How to read and pray the parables Gustin, Marilyn GUST
In my brother’s image : twin brothers separated by faith after the Holocaust Pogany, Eugene POGA
In search of Christian wisdom : rediscovering how Jesus taught Herr, William A HERR
In the days of Jesus : the Jewish backgroun and unique teaching of Jesus Tambasco, Anthony J. TAMB
Interior castle Teresa, of Avila, Saint TERE
Just hand over the chocolate and no one will get hurt Linamen, Karen Scalf LINA
Key to the Bible : record of the fulfillment : the New Testament Harrington, Wilfred J. HARR
Lay members of Christ’s faithful people : on the vocation and the mission of the lay faithful and in the world John Paul II, Pope JOHN P II
Letting go : reflections and prayers for midlife Esway, Judy ESWA
Light on the Gospels : a reader’s guide Mc Kenzie, John L. McKE
Lives of the popes : the pontiffs from St Peter to John Paul II McBrien, Richard P. McBR
Living the gospel of life : a challenge to American Catholics National Conference of Catholic Bishops NCCB
Lord’s prayer : prayer from the heart Smith, Jeffrey C SMIT
Man named John : the life of Pope John XXIII Hatch, Alden HATC
Man, the saint Urteaga Loidi, J. URTE
Manners and customs in the Bible Matthews, Victor Harold MATT
Manual of Confirmation Schmitt, P. D. SCHM
Marriage : a path to sanctity Abad, Javier ABAD
Mary today Pennington, M. Basil PENN
Medjugorje up close Rooney, Lucy ROON
Miracles Valentine, Mary Hester VALE
Miryam of Nazareth : woman of strength and wisdom Johnson, Ann JOHN-A
Monsieur Vincent ; the story of St. Vincent de Paul Daniel-Rops, Henri DANI
More precious than gold Schlink, Basilea SCHL
No one told me I could cry Nykiel, Connie NYKI
On the Holy Spirit in the life of the church and the world : encyclical letter of the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II John Paul II, Pope JOHN P II
Padre Pio : the stigmatist Carty, Charles Mortimer CART
Pardon and peace Wilson, Alfred WILS
Pastoral constitution on the Church in the modern world Vatican Council (2nd : 1962-1965) VATI 2
Pope John Paul II, "building up the body of Christ" : pastoral visit to the United States John Paul II, Pope JOHN P II
Prayer and temperment : different prayer forms for different personality types Michael, Chester P MICH
Prayers Quoist, Michel QUOI
Praying the rosary : new reflections on the mysteries Hutchinson, Gloria HUTC
Priest forever : the life of Father Eugene Hamilton Groeschel, Benedict j GROE
Pummeled heart : finding peace through pain Bosco, Antoinette BOSC
Queen of angels : Mary’s answers to universal questions Connell, Janice T. CONN
Removing the barriers : the practice of reconciliation Dallen, James DALL
Return of the prodigal son : a story of homecoming Nouwen, Henri J. M. NOUW
Rosary meditations for parents and children : from the hearts of Jesus and Mary Ring, Rita RING
Runways to God : the Psalms as prayer Botz, Paschal BOTZ
Saint Michael and the angels : a month with St. Michael and the holy angels SAIN
Scripture-based solutions to handling stress King, Pat KING
Seeking spiritual direction : how to grow the divine life within Dubay, Thomas DUBA
Sharing the faith with your child : from age seven to fourteen : a handbook for Catholic parents Pedersen, Mary Jo PEDE
Shepherd of my soul : meditations for all Le Sage, Wilfred LESA
Shrines to Our Lady around the world Aradi, Zsolt ARAD
Signs of catechesis : an overview of the National Catechetical Directory Mongoven, Anne Marie MONG
Splendor of Love : John Paul II’s vision for marriage and family Schu, Walter, L.C. SCHU
Straight from the heart : thoughts of John HenryNewman/ introduced, chosen and arranged by Kevin and Gail Dean Newman, John Henry NEWM
Surviving death : a practical guide to caring for the dying & bereaved Meyer, Charles MEYE
To share with God’s poor : sister among the outcasts Cinquin, Emmanuelle CINQ
Troubled Catholics : the lessons of discontent Gaugan, Norbert F GAUG
Unity in the work of service John Paul II, Pope JOHN P II
Vatican collections : the papacy and art 0 VATI
Wellsprings : a book of spiritual exercises De Mello, Anthony DEME
What Catholics really believe–setting the record straight : 52 answers to common misconceptions about the Cathoclic faith Keating, Karl KEAT
What happens when women pray Christenson, Evelyn CHRI
Wheat and weeds and the wolf of Gubbio : stories and prayers for people who pray and for people who don’t Marcheschi, Graziano MARC
While you were gone : a handbook for returning Catholics, and those thinking about it Bausch, William J BAUS
Who was Saint Patrick? Thompson, E. A. THOM-E
Who we are and how we relate : the IBC approach to understanding Crabb, Lawrence J CRAB
Winter grace : spirituality for the later years Fischer, Kathleen R. FISC
Wonders she performs Kaczmarek, Louis KACZ
Words to love by Teresa, Mother TERE-M
You can help the alcoholic : a Christian plan for intervention Marsh, Jack MARS