St. Pat's HELPS! Ministry

The previous “Martha Ministry” and the “Visiting Shut-Ins Ministry” have been combined to form a new ministry: St. Pat's HELPS!

The new ministry will provide services and rides to those in our St Pat’s community family who are in need and have very little or no support. These parishioners may be seniors, persons recently hospitalized or those disabled in some way.

We will need volunteers who will visit, give rides, grocery shop, etc. as their schedule permits.

There will be no meetings and those volunteering will be contacted as needs arise. Young people are welcomed and encouraged to volunteer to help with yard work, snow shoveling, etc.

We will all, someday, face loss of independence and the ability to do as we once did. We would all hope for a loving and willing Christian community, as well as family, to visit and help us when we are in need. May we be that loving community to those who are in that situation now.

If you are able to help or are in need of services, please contact Sue Brennan at 926-5245 or mcbren3 azATza yahoo azDOTza com. Alternately, just select a link below and fill out the on-line form and we'll be in touch.

If you are in need of help, Click Here.

If you want to offer your assistance, Click Here.