Drama Club Leaders Needed

Hello Parents, St. Patrick Drama Club is seeking new leaders for Kindergarten - 3rd grade students.

Bethany Jaworski and Denise LeNeave will be taking over the 4th - 8th grade students, and therefore are looking for volunteers to lead the younger students. We recommend 2 co-leaders to facilitate Drama Club practices after school 1 day a week January through mid-March, as well as direct a short play at the end of the season.

No experience needed...just enthusiasm to work with bright, creative, and talented children. Bethany and Denise will guide the new co-leaders through various lesson plan ideas and help make sure the transition is seamless. The time commitment needed is ~1 hour per week lesson planning, 1 1/2 hours per week practice after school or evenings, and approx. 8-10 hours performance preparation.

Note: The practice days and times are flexible and can be set according to your schedule.

Please contact Bethany Jaworski if you are interested in leading K-3rd grade Drama Club next year. If you aren't sure and have questions, please email Bethany at bethanyjaworski@hotmail.com or Denise at  dmleneave@aol.com to discuss. We promise you will have a blast with these kids!

Thank you!

Bethany Jaworski & Denise LeNeave