Jesus waits for us Here with Divine Longing

Jesus Waits for us Here with Divine Longing

St. Peter Julian Eymard

Adore and visit Jesus, abandoned and forsaken by men in His Sacrament of Love. Man has time for everything except for visits to His Lord and God,WHO IS WAITING AND LONGING FOR US in the Blessed Sacrament. The streets and places of entertainment are filled with people;the House of God is deserted. Men flee from it; they are afraid of it. Ah! Poor Jesus!Did you expect so much indifference from those You have redeemed,from Your friends, from Your children, from me? Sympathize with Jesus Who is betrayed,insulted, mocked, and crucified far more ignominiously in His Sacrament of Love than He was in the Garden of Olives, in Jerusalem, and on Calvary.Those whom He has the most honored, loved,and enriched with His gifts and gracesare the very ones who offend Him the most by their indifference. Offer up for this intention all that you have suffered during the day or week that Jesus may be loved and adored by all. Because we ourselves are unable to atone for so much wrong,we unite ourselves to the infinite merits of our Savior Jesus. Receive His Divine Blood as it mystically flows from His Holy Wounds,and offer it to the Father in perfect atonement for the sins of the world. Take His sufferings and His prayer on the Cross and beg the Heavenly Father for pardon and mercy for all. Unite your reparation to that of the most Blessed Virgin at the foot of the Cross or the altar,and from the love of Jesus for His Divine Mother you will obtain everything.