“There is power in numbers. When we become Eucharistic Adorers, we form an army, a Eucharistic army armed with the power of the Eucharist, the Body and Blood, soul and divinity, the real, true and substantial presence of Jesus Christ that transformed the world in the Resurrection and continues to do so today through the Holy Eucharist.

 Can you not spend one hour with Jesus for the salvation of the world? We do not ask you to sign your life away. Indeed, we ask you to sign your name in the book of life through Eucharistic adoration. If you do, you will never be alone again. Instead, you will grow day by day more holy, more convicted, more assured in your faith, more steadfast in the knowledge that you are a member in solidarity with Jesus Christ Himself and millions of Eucharistic adorers throughout the world.

When you spend one hour with Jesus you walk with Him as two of the disciples did on the road to Emmaus, and you walk arm in arm with the other members of the Mystical Eucharistic Body who happen to adore Him throughout the world at that same hour.”- Abbreviated from essay on Eucharistic Adoration by Father Louis Guardiola- Fathers of Mercy

How do I become an Adorer?

     Just do it! Select a time on Thursday that works best for you and make a Holy Hour. Try it for a few weeks and then consider signing up to become a regular adorer. We are always in the need of Eucharistic adorers at every hour. Everyone in the parish is welcome!

     We do not ever want to leave Our Lord exposed in the monstrance alone in the church without an adorer present. Regularly scheduled adorers from time to time are not always able to keep their hour. They might have an appointment, or have to care for a sick family member at home. It is our hope that we will always have four or more Eucharistic adorers on each hour during the day each Thursday. We do need your help in order to accomplish this goal.


"My greatest happiness is to be before the Blessed Sacrament, where my heart is, as it were, in its center."-- St. Margaret Mary Alacoque


Pray, love and trust in the Lord!

In Jesus and Mary,

Kathy Miller


Note: If you would like to commit to an hour of Eucharistic adoration each week please contact Kathy at 926-8695 or Kim at 921-1047. Thank you!